Looking to buy or sell a strata property such as an apartment, townhouse or unit and you need a strata report?

Besafe Strata Reports will complete your strata report within 24-48 hours after inspecting the records!

Besafe Strata Reports is a family-owned business servicing the Sydney metro and its surrounds. We provide Strata Inspection Reports to bidding buyers and potential owners looking to buy or sell a strata-titled property.

We specialize in completing Strata Reports, Company Titles, Community Titles and historic retrieval of data from The Records of Owners Corporations of Strata Title Schemes.

Our guarantee to you:

  • 24-48 hours turnaround after inspecting the records
  • Transparent pricing
  • Qualified and Licensed Strata Inspectors
  • Family-owned business
  • Detailed reports – our easy-to-understand report is independent of any third party. We work for you!
  • Over 15+ years experience and 6000+ strata reports.

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    Our inspectors hold a current Class 1 Strata Management Licence, supported by a broad portfolio of residential strata-titled buildings which they managed previously as a strata manager.

    Having spent 15+ years working within the industry, and 10 years in the role of inspector, our inspector knows more than most when it comes to creating a comprehensive strata report that gives you peace of mind before buying the property you’ve had your sights set on.

    Our family-owned team of licensed strata managers has conducted over 6000 strata reports. We are fully insured and have earned the trust of many law firms seeking our services.

    Our team of industry professionals will liaise with agents, vendors, and strata managers on your behalf to organize your report. Once we have the letter of authority to access the required documents, we guarantee your completed report within 24-48 hours.

    Our inspectors are contactable for any questions you may have and endeavor to keep you informed every step of the way.


    If you’re interested in purchasing a unit, townhouse, or apartment, you will want a detailed review of the Owners’ Corporation records – and that’s what our Strata Report contains.

    A strata report will not only cover the physical condition of the building, but also the accounts and records of the Owner’s Corporation, exposing the financial workings of the corporation, the coherence of the residents, and whether smoking or pets are allowed, etc.

    In short, the strata report is designed to protect you from making a financial mistake by agreeing to purchase a unit or apartment that just doesn’t suit you.

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    Strata reports sydney
    Strata report


    We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and detailed Strata Reports to purchasers and vendors with a 24-48 hour turnaround after inspection. Sydney strata report includes:
    • Financial Details (last 5 years)
    • The financial position of Admin Fund, Capital Works Fund, and any Investment Accounts held by the Owners Corporation
    • Lot Owner’s current levy positions, levy arrears, and details of any Special Levies past, present, and future
    • Current Insurance details and any claims made in the last 5 years
    • Minutes for Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings, and Committee Meetings held
    • Current repairs and maintenance
    • Repairs carried out in the last 2-5 years
    • Any registered By-Laws relating to pets, smoking, short-term letting, etc.
    • Pest, Building, and other Compliance Reports
    • Any past, current or proposed litigation, mediation, and NCAT hearings


    As a potential purchaser, you will want to avoid buying into a property that will cause you financial or emotional stress down the line.

    If you’re a buyer looking to buy a unit or townhouse,  you need to get a report so you are aware of the rights and responsibilities that come with the property as opposed to detached residential housing.

    You will also need to know the difference between schemes as each offers a different structure and style, requirements, and responsibilities making the process of buying a strata title even more confusing for first-time buyers. We specialise in Residential, Commercial and Company Title property.

    That unit you have your eye on won’t last long. Let us help with a comprehensive Strata Report in less than 48 hours! Request your inspection today by calling us on 02 9410 3740.

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    NSW Fair Trading
    Land Registry Services
    Strata Community Association

    Order A Strata Report

    $295 incl. GST